About Us

Rising Stars Junior School is dedicated to providing quality education with a Caring, Nurturing, and Fortering Environment children of Age Group 1.5 Years + to 10 Years.

The school has 4 wings.

Play School Wing for classes Pre-Nursery (Age Group 18 Months + to 3 years).

Pre-Primary Wing for classes Nursery and UKG (Age Group 3 years + to 5 years).

Primary Wing for Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV, and Class V (Age group 5 years + to 10 Years).


Day Care for Age Group 18 Months to 10 Years.

At Rising Stars Junior School we believe in imparting education which goes beyond traditional teaching-learning pedagogy and extends the paradigm to incorporate all-round development of the child.


The school has been established under the aegis of Surabhi Sarv Shiksha evam Kalyan Samiti, which has been active in the field of education for more than 2 decades. The management of the school comprises of experienced professionals from the field of Education, Sports, Engineering, Management and Performing Arts. Our advisory body comprises of renowned professionals from institutions including National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), SCERT, Dept. of Education (Govt. of Delhi), GGSIP University (Delhi), Doordarshan, and National School of Drama to name a few.

A Learning Environment

Initial years of schooling are extremely important for our children as they set the foundation for lifelong learning, At our school, each and every aspect of schooling has been meticulously crafted to make sure our tiny tots are nurtured with utmost love, care, and affection. Each and every child is Unique and Special, not just to his/her Family but as an individual, it is this thought that drives us to focus on individual needs of each child.

We believe that the environment in which our children grow up has a big impact on their lives, hence we strive to provide a healthy and positive atmosphere, an atmosphere of love and care. An environment where we interact with Family, friends, and nature. An environment where we experiment, explore, ask questions, and make our minds more inquisitive.


Education has evolved tremendously in recent years, from the majority focus on Academics to a much more balanced framework which aims to achieve all-round development and cover all basis of life. Our Curriculum takes the same path and incorporates Physical Health and Fitness, Sensory and Motor Development, Creative Development, Analytical and Logical Development, Social and Emotional Development, Linguistics and Communication, and Personality and Self-awareness into our daily lesson plans.

The curriculum has been crafted by experts in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). Our framework is based on 4 pillars : The widely accepted and implemented Montessori System, The recent theories of Multiple Intelligence Framework, National Curriculum Framework 2005 of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), and Indian Value based Systems. Thus providing the best of Global as well as Indian Education.

“Let’s make learning a joyful and engaging experience...”


The pedagogy is based on making learning an engaging experience for our little ones. Any parent or teacher would agree that preschool children are naturally very impressionable, curious, and creative. Hence, our methods are based on activities which are aimed at making children explore, interact, enjoy, and become more inquisitive about the world.

At Rising Stars Junior School, we believe in instilling strong values amongst our children. Values of respect and equality, we aim to sensitize our children with the multi-cultural environment of our society. A lot of these objectives can be achieved carefully planning various games, group activities, story telling, celebration of National Occasions, Celebration of Festivals, and many other ways which expose the child to various aspects of our society and life.

Right from welcoming the child at the gate with a pleasant smile to dropping him/her off in safe hands, our teachers provide the continuous monitoring and care our children need at this age. We also realize that our tiny tots observe us (Parents and Teachers) more often and meticulously than we may ever notice and hence each moment they learn from us. Hence our teachers and asst. teachers take this as an opportunity to inculcate social inter-personal skills and values among students.

Schooling today is not just about the class room, it goes beyond those familiar walls and books. A lot is learnt by other activities. Activities that make us feel the nature, outdoor games, group activities, National occasions, Religious festivals, and various other activities and excursions which eventually make us learn about the world around us.


We have a team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced teachers to take care of our tiny tots. Our structure includes Academic Coordinators, Teachers, Asst. Teachers, and Maids (Aayahs) for continuous monitoring of our little ones at each and every moment he spends at the school.

Student-teacher ratio is kept low to facilitate individual attention towards each child. Training sessions are organized for teachers at regular intervals to refresh, groom, and evolve their teaching skills and methods. Weekly faculty meetings are conducted by academic coordinators so that all teachers can benefit from sharing experiences and methodologies used by each other.

Parent-Teacher communication is essential at this age and our teachers make sure they get in touch with parents at regular intervals to discuss the feedback and progress of each child. Parent education is another area that we seek to undertake so that the parents can have a better understanding of their own kids and their behavior as and when they require our guidance.

“Every child is unique and special, every child is a star…”

Infrastructure and Facilities

Our Campus has been designed to provide an environment conductive for our little ones to learn and grow. Each aspect of our infrastructure has been designed keeping in mind aesthetics, child-friendliness and functionality. Some of the key features are :

  • Infrastructure

    • Spacious Airy and Air Conditioned class rooms for free movement of children

    • Bright, Colorful, and Attractive Ambience.

    • Technology Enabled rooms with Smart Class Functionality

    • Ample space for outdoor activities within the school premises for a safe and secure outdoor experience.

    • Dedicated Multimedia Room and Activity Room

  • Facilities

    • RO purified hot and cold water at all floors.

    • Hygienic, Nutritional and Balanced Meal Facility.

    • Meal schedule is prepared weekly / monthly under the guidance of dietician.

    • Day care facility available as per need and requirement of parents.

  • Transport

    • Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Transport Facility.

    • Air-conditioned transport available.

    • GPS tracking.

    • Transport supervisor from school is sent in each vehicle for safety and security.