Admission to Play School / Pre-Nursery / Pre-School :

For 18 Months + / 2 Years + / Less than 3 Years

Admission to Class Preparatory / UKG :

For 4 years + as on 31-Mar

Admission to Primary Wing

For Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV, and Class V.

Admission to Day Care

For students of Rising Stars Junior School.

Admission to Day Care

For students of all other schools.

Procedure, Schedule, and Eligibility for Nursery Admissions :

As per the norms of Directorate of Education (Govt. of Delhi)

Any Queries ?

You may contact our Academic Coordinator, contact details are as follows :

Ph.   : 9599400201 / 9868169102
Time : 08:30 AM to 03:30 PM
Days : Monday to Saturday

Online Admission Form :

* Admission for Nursery Class is subject to Guidelines issued by the Govt.

* Admission for Classes other than Nursery are subject to Admission Criteria laid down by the School. This will include verification of relevant documents as well as a Student-Teacher interaction and assessment of the child.