We have a team of highly trained, skilled, and experienced teachers to take care of our tiny tots. Our structure includes Academic Coordinators, Teachers, Asst. Teachers, and Maids (Aayahs) for continuous monitoring of our little ones at each and every moment he spends at the school.

Student-teacher ratio is kept low to facilitate individual attention towards each child. Training sessions are organized for teachers at regular intervals to refresh, groom, and evolve their teaching skills and methods. Weekly faculty meetings are conducted by academic coordinators so that all teachers can benefit from sharing experiences and methodologies used by each other.

Parent-Teacher communication is essential at this age and our teachers make sure they get in touch with parents at regular intervals to discuss the feedback and progress of each child. Parent education is another area that we seek to undertake so that the parents can have a better understanding of their own kids and their behavior as and when they require our guidance.

“Every child is unique and special, every child is a star…”